UPDATED: Episode 9 — “Felina” — Gliding Over All: A Breaking Bad Podcast

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UPDATED: Episode 9 — “Felina” — Gliding Over All: A Breaking Bad Podcast

UPDATED WITH CORRECT EPISODE: Here is my review of the final episode, “Felina” — Season 5, Episode 16. “Felina” was written and directed by Vincent Gilligan himself. This podcast, like Walter White, is better late than never. Hope you enjoy!

One thought on “UPDATED: Episode 9 — “Felina” — Gliding Over All: A Breaking Bad Podcast

  1. Margaret!
    Loved the Felina podcast. I agree with a lot of your thoughts about the finale and was also able to “go with it” when it came to moments of problematic suspension of disbelief (as characterized by a vocal internet crowd!).

    I had a thought about Elliot and Gretchen and why that scene was so poignant to me… it’s like they represented Walter before he got into the meth business… smart, educated and white but wholly out of their league when it came to this level of criminality and knowledge of the drug trade.
    One thing that perpetuated Walter being endearing to me through five seasons is that he was so far in over his head from day one. He had no idea what was involved in dealing with the people with whom he came in contact. For every meeting with Tuco or Gus and everyone in between, there was this vicarious holding of my breath, just as Walter was doing… “Can this actually work?”
    I think this is why Jesse’s statement to Hank and Gomez about his luck stuck out to me as so gratifying. His luck was a huge reason he had the success he did. (And Jesse had a first row seat to that show so often!)
    So, the reason Gretchen and Elliot would never question whether they were going to see out his request is because they have no clue how things operate in that world. For all they knew, the two best assassins west of the Mississippi really were on Walter’s payroll, dead or alive!
    But ultimately, they represent an innocence… an insulation even from the dark world politics that did such a number on Walter and those he loved… an innocence that Walt, too, had once possessed.

    Here’s to more podcasts of great shows! Looks like Walking Dead may be a possibility?!


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